reminds me ofadditional charactersirajohnnythey're so cutei could see johnny doing the last one some time he's actually over while ira is over at jo and isaac'sand jo coming over to whisper once he's gone 'so when are you two getting maaarriied?''psh nev- hang on a second. i'd become a citizen... hold this cake i'm going to go propose''is she ser... oh okay. i'll... i'll take it okay'
reminds me oftomaadditional characterserin~q
reminds me ofadditional characterszoyaoksanaroksanaand toma and ira and erinthey're all ridiculous
The Civil Wars Dust to Dust
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"We’ve been lonely too long"

audiomusicidkreminds me ofpatriot auidk if it's on here? meh


i don’t like your clothes take them off

shit toma says


*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

shit toma saysher and ira having an argumentor fucking zoya and makszoya tossing furniture and then making a puni can just see maks' face going from complete outrage to justshocklike omfg his wife did she literally just say that? omfg



reminds me ofspawnspawn: dinara greyi feel like abel would be wholly amused that toma found a leather jacket that smalllike how she found the tiny timberland boots that were so cute
reminds me ofexcept abel doesn't have such twiggy thighs and no ring
reminds me of
reminds me ofthomasadult alek too because i said he'd be law enforcementtho he'd soon after text suggestions'remember a quick stab between the ribs is effective''are you sure you want to disclose this knowledge here? what if they supena your texts''if they're at that point then i'm very disappointed in you not being able to get away with it''who cares right? you'd probably thrive in jail''i'd have many many bitches. don't tell your mother.'
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